Ah, the kidlit community.

When things seem dour and drab and dismal, they always come to the rescue with kindness.

And contests!

For the Spring Fling competition, we need to write a short (up to 150 words) children’s story, based on a Spring-themed GIF.

(No matter what, in my head I will always pronounce it “JIF.” Sorry, tech people. YOU’RE WELCOME PEANUT BUTTER PEOPLE.)

Here is the link to my GIF: https://giphy.com/gifs/gifnews-easter-confusion-passover-j1IAqnQyWJrFK

In light of our current unprecedented situation, I decided to explore how two Spring holidays (Passover and Easter) deal with exodus/resurrection in both the literal and metaphoric senses. THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE! And maybe we can find that now, while feeling separated and alienated from our lives as usual. Here is Spring Together Apart:

In Spring it’s time to celebrate

That life is born anew.

There’s Pesach with the seder plate,

And Easter, Halellu! 

Hagaddah read by Abigail, 

Marie reads Luke and John.   

The Exodus, a hopeful tale.

From Golgotha- He’s gone! 

Well hidden is unleavened bread,  

But Abi finds a way!   

Marie sees eggs in grass, ahead,

In pinkish hues, today.

Marie and Abi, Springtime Queens!

But, boy, they miss their friend.

Each stuck in their own quarantines,

Is friendship at an end?

No, miracles will always sing

When things seem out of tune.

A parted sea, a risen king,

New ways we can commune.

Marie and Abi, losing hope.

Like Egypt, or the tomb.

But suddenly, a way to cope…

A chatty springtime Zoom!

#50PreciousWords Entry

Well hello there, lil blog! It’s been about 7 years since I’ve dropped by. But absentee no more! Since participating in Vivian Kirkfield’s 50 Precious Words contest, I’ve remembered this little bloggy blog and vowed to be here more often!

I’ve been trying my hand (computer) at writing picture book manuscripts for about a year and a half now, and I’m in love. It’s a genre I feel so passionate about after years of teaching, babysitting and existing as a tiny human. There are picture books I read now that make me tear up, and wish I’d had such a book as a child. Whimsy, serious topics, humor, joy— they all can be found in picture books.

And so, here is my entry for the contest. Coming it at a hefty 48 words, this is YUMMY ME:

Grandpa says, “I’ve got your nose!”

Mama likes to bite my toes.

“Let me munch those little feet!”

“You look cute enough to eat!”

Tummy kisses, nibbled knees.

“Gimme thigh and arm rolls, please!”

They love me, I love them back.

But, I think they need a snack!

Because I’m 86% Sure Blogs are Still Current

My first thought when I have a deep thought… Well, I guess it’s technically my SECOND thought, since the first thought is the deep thought itself,

–(# of times the word “thought” has been used vs. # of grains of sand= inconclusive)–

is that both thought a and thought b should somehow be put into a one-woman show.

That was all kinds of an incorrectly written sentence.

But as I age, I realize that not everything can be packaged in a song and dance fashion, despite my deep-ish desires. So, through thoughts I’ll slog within this blog. Dog and log and bog and frog.

Are you ready?

There will  be snark. There will be a hyperactive awareness of grammar and sentence structure, even when I use these things incorrectly. You shall be witness to my own inner commentary. This is the E-ticket of Blogs.

Oh yeah, and I happen to like things like Disney and Harry Potter and Musicals and Puppies and Babies and Pink.


Nibble with caution. And also fun, cause really what’s the point if reading this isn’t fun.