Because I’m 86% Sure Blogs are Still Current

My first thought when I have a deep thought… Well, I guess it’s technically my SECOND thought, since the first thought is the deep thought itself,

–(# of times the word “thought” has been used vs. # of grains of sand= inconclusive)–

is that both thought a and thought b should somehow be put into a one-woman show.

That was all kinds of an incorrectly written sentence.

But as I age, I realize that not everything can be packaged in a song and dance fashion, despite my deep-ish desires. So, through thoughts I’ll slog within this blog. Dog and log and bog and frog.

Are you ready?

There will  be snark. There will be a hyperactive awareness of grammar and sentence structure, even when I use these things incorrectly. You shall be witness to my own inner commentary. This is the E-ticket of Blogs.

Oh yeah, and I happen to like things like Disney and Harry Potter and Musicals and Puppies and Babies and Pink.


Nibble with caution. And also fun, cause really what’s the point if reading this isn’t fun.